Xavier's World Morning Show (5:30-10AM)

Let Xavier's World be your WAKE UP CALL!! Let Xavier & Biggie Paul let your dude know you qualify for WIC! Let them tell your loved ones you wanna star in a porn! At 7(ish) it's the wakeup, Xavier's World style!  Before that, check out the 15 minutes of....FIRE!!!, where X lays down the best in hip-hop. Want more? Bump the Rewind @ 9.  Check out all the movie info with the BEAT screen test! And of course, bdays and hollas go out at 7:30!  It all goes down at 5:30 in the morning, EVERY MORNING - check it out! And check out Xavier's World on Fridays - the ONLY MORNING SHOW to hit up the streets of SA-Town!

Xavier's World Guest DJ Week
You let us know which DJ you think did their thang!!  Vote here!

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